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Catering (Indore/Outdoor)

“Food” it’s the only thing people will remember about our wedding. At 'Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall' we offer comprehensive Catering Service Suitable for all Religions, Communities , and Preferences. We brings to you authentic taste and flavor of Indian Cuisine. The guests are served by our highly professional and courteous specialists and caterers. We provide catering service as per your demand with a broad range of Veg and Non-Veg food items in our three food packages. Our specialists take care of the menu to bring the best at the food items – meeting highest branch marks. We also offer the flexibilities to our clients to design , customized menu that could suit for their special occasions. We also provide cooks for smaller Home Functions.
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Flowering & Lighting

Create an amazing atmosphere tailored to how you can envision your special day with extraordinary decorations at flower & Lighting from Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall when it's come to decoration ideas for any event decorative Lights &Colorful flowers are one of the top things that pop into your minds and the latest wedding trends there are numerous type of Lighting & flower decoration to ramp up your wedding decorate. No matter if it's an indoor or an outdoor space:, Different type of Lights and flowers have the Power to create a type ambience that’s Perfect for Celebrating your Special Day. 'Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall' have the latest ideas for decoration , have a bit for everything for those who like simple and for those who like it extravagant.

Band Baja Baraat

It there is a wedding we can’t ignore “The Baraat” with Band &Dhol. Relatives dance on the beat of the band, shutting down of the streets and a grand procession led by groom making way to reach the wedding venue bounded by the fancy lights. Baraat is an inseparable element of the wedding events , that marks the commencement of the Big Night. It also signifies that How much excited and happy are relatives about the Band of the two soul.
'Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall' will organized orchestra music, Bollywood music, Bhangra , Hindi Pop, Shanai , colour light , smoke bomb , Dhol Nagada and many more . We provide themes Band like Punjabi, Marwari, Rajasthani, Western………etc. You name it and we will give you the package accordingly. Our Bands professionals create a breath taking environment by playing from the oldest to the newest songs. We also provide different designs of lights and fireworks facilities for Baraat.


Someone says music is not only for your ear, its heart and it's not only kissed your lips, But its touched your soul. So there is no wedding without music, Dance ,Dholokor Bells. Whether you are getting married on a grand scale or in a small way. Music and Dance adds Zings to your functions. Pop up the crowd with the likely music , Perfect Choreography and the Right ambience to create the Right mood.
So we are extremely pleased that our Sound & DJ experts provide and manage the music playlist During the wedding. Our experts offers the actual performance, conveniences , versions of different type of songs , solation of songs and a better volume control. They will also understood your crowd and know when they need a faster Pac or a slower one. So ‘Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall’ is perfect for create a tone for your day and rekindle precious memories of friends and family sharing your big day.

Video & Photography

Wedding photography is important because it's not only capture your images, but it will capture your day, it will capture your memories , it will tell a story and not just any story , it will tell a beautiful story at your special day . A big day you will never forget. A story that you can show with your friends and family , your kids and grandchildren. Something you will have and can treasure for event.
Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall” provide you a very professionals video and photographers, who definitely capture every special moments of your wedding. Photography means not only few Photos , its means a beautiful ‘Album’ , where couple looking beautiful & happy, from getting ready to being married. The emotions on Dad & Moms face as he sheds a tear and looks on with pride. Your dress and venue , emotion of your Guests. Our professionals have a passion for capturing a beautiful wedding , we are definitely the one who matches your style and are that you can trust and feed relax with us.

Live Telecast

Sometimes family members and friends are unable to attend due to health, expenses or other factors. That’s why we set out on a journey to solve this problem with these core principles in mind: Privacy, Family, Simplicity. We believe with a simple app, families can be brought closer and participate in each other’s lives remotely.
  • 24 hours HD streaming
  • Pause and Resume stream to the same link
  • Unlimited guests
  • Invite by link or by email

Jaimala Stages

Someone says that wedding are made in heaven so, allow us to create heaven on earth for you. The jaimla ceremony is truly a symbol of love and strong bond. It is one of the first rituals during the marriage, and it is the most romantic part of Indian wedding that’s even been mentioned in early literary texts of Vedas. Jaimala themes are the fresh and super extrusions and who doesn’t love being extra on their wedding.
Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall’ have various types of Jaimala themes. We have hydraulic , Revolving stage in trending themes like Lotus, Moon, Heart, Ring etc. we provide different types of Jaimala concepts for our clients like flower shower machine , colorful lights, smoke machine , cold fire and many more to garnered a lot of attention. Our Jaimala concepts experts are prompt and meets the exact requirements of the customers. So go with our ideas and make your wedding dreamy, grand and Romantic as you want.

Bride & Groom Entry

Bride & Groom entry ideas for wedding like an entry to the other world. When it's come to planning your wedding there are a lot of things to think about , considers and budgets for the list will seems endless. But the most important part of a wedding is ‘The Couple’ . Couples are stars of the evening , should enter with a Bang. Bride and Groom entry are something to brainstorm to add an unforgettable charm to your wedding its once in a lifetime opportunity , you’ve been dreaming about , before you begin planning though , it's important consider the theme, colour scheme and time at the day. These factors can help choose what kind of entry will suit you the best.
For all couples 'Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall Provide a lot of trending entry ideas from funky props like Smoke Matka , Paper Bomb, Cold Pyros to theme entry Phoolon ki Chaddar , Palki, Dance groups , Bahubali entry and many more. We will create magical narrative around the desired theme.