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Director Message

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Marriage can be defined as a holy procession where two soul unite, take an oath to take care for each, and promise to stay together. Well In India , a marriage is not limited to just two people forming bond , it is much more than that it is celebrated as a grand occasion which reunites the whole family and creates bond memories which we remember for a life time, and with this thinking I believe that a wedding is very important occasion in your life and we want to help , make it beautiful , memorable and delicious. We turn your day of love into an unforgettable event and a day you will cherish rest of your life.

I strongly believe in customer values and wish to treat every guest with loyalty to feel every penny they spent is worth it. To conclude ,I can only say choose ‘Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall’ and Be a guest at your own event and make your event a grand success.

Mr. Avadhesh Kumar

Director: Radhe Krishna Caterers & Victoria Banquet Hall